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Traumatic Dental Injuries – Concord, NC

Your Endodontist Treats Dental Emergencies

Why Choose Afton Endodontics for Traumatic Dental Injuries?

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Traumatic dental injuries can happen for a number of reasons over the course of someone’s life, whether you collide with a ball during your big sports game or you trip down the stairs at work. While every situation is different, it’s important to remember that not all of the damage incurred may be visible on the surface of your smile – that’s why visiting an endodontist is highly encouraged.

Dr. Gell and Dr. Watts are true experts when it comes to treating traumatic injuries, and your condition will be assessed thoroughly before revitalizing the tooth’s health and stability. Our goal at Afton Endodontics is to prevent extraction whenever possible and help your smile get back on the right track. Better yet, we have emergency availability in the mornings and evenings so that patients are never waiting long for the relief they desperately need! Please contact us in Concord, NC if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Types of traumatic dental injuries include:

Avulsed Tooth

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If a tooth has been completely knocked free from the mouth, please keep in mind that there is a very slim window of time for it to reimplanted successfully! Here are some tips to follow until you’re able to reach Afton Endodontics:

Depending on how developed the root is and how long the tooth has been removed from the mouth, Dr. Gell may recommend root canal treatment right away.

Dislodged Tooth

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Dental injuries may cause your teeth to be shoved back further into their sockets. In this situation, our team will want to reposition and stabilize the tooth. Root canal therapy will be paired with the application of medication.

Alternatively, the tooth may be knocked partially out of its original spot. After performing the same stabilization, Dr. Gell will assess the tooth’s inner pulp and determine if it’s still healthy. If damage and/or infection is present, root canal treatment is strongly encouraged. Untreated cases can lead to harmful complications over time, including:

Injuries to Immature Teeth

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If our team needs to treat a damaged tooth that has not fully developed yet, we will prescribe one of the following two services:

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