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Cracked Teeth – Concord, NC

Serious Tooth Pain? Your Endodontist is Here to Help

Why Choose Afton Endodontics for Cracked Teeth

Man covering his mouth

Are you experiencing a lot of discomfort while chewing food? Does any exposure to hot or cold temperatures make you cringe? These are common symptoms of a cracked tooth, which can worsen over time the longer it’s left untreated. For instance, the pieces of the tooth may move dangerously during chewing and irritate the pulp, leading to an infection that spreads to the bone and gum.

At Afton Endodontics, Dr. Gell and Dr. Watts can provide invaluable assistance with this type of emergency situation. They have extensive experience with a wide variety of dental cracks, several of which can directly benefit from specialty endodontic treatment. If you believe that you’re in need of help, contact our Concord, NC practice today.

Craze Lines

Closeup of cracked teeth

Craze lines are relatively minor dental injuries that only affect the tooth’s tough outer enamel surface. These cracks are likely to occur in adult teeth over time, and they are 100% superficial – there is no immediate danger to the tooth’s health or longevity. Please consult a cosmetic dentist if you are interested in correcting the appearance of these cracks.

Fractured Cusp

Animation of fractured tooth cusps

When the cusp (elevated or pointed feature) of a tooth becomes weakened over time, fracturing may be the inevitable result. However, this type of crack rarely damages the tooth’s inner pulp, so patients often will not require endodontic treatment. Your best course of action is to speak to your general dentist about having the structure restored with a dental crown, inlay, or onlay.

Split Tooth

Animation of split tooth

When a tooth is cracked and then left untreated for a significant period of time, the injury may evolve into a split tooth. This means that the tooth has separated into distinct segments. With this type of injury, it will be impossible to save the entire natural structure. However, the position of the split and its severity will influence whether a portion can still be successfully preserved. Our team will comprehensively assess the crack with the help of digital X-ray technology and recommend endodontic treatment if this is the case.

Treatable Cracked Tooth

Dr. Gell treating patient

This type of dental crack will extend beyond the outer chewing surfaces of the tooth and down towards the root. In some cases, it may even transcend the patient’s gum line. As a result, pulp damage is likely. Dr. Gell and Dr. Watts will strongly recommend root canal therapy to address any burgeoning infection. Early intervention is crucial to prevent worsening damage and the loss of the tooth!

Vertical Root Fracture

X-ray of tooth with root fracture

A vertical root fracture will get its start at the root of the tooth instead of the crown and extend upwards toward the chewing surfaces. This type of crack is very tricky because it is likely to only exhibit very subtle symptoms that go unnoticed by untrained eyes. When this type of injury is discovered, endodontic surgery is the best way to preserve as much of the tooth as possible. The fractured root will be removed during the procedure. If this isn’t possible, tooth extraction becomes a certainty. Rest assured that Dr. Gell and Dr. Watts will always exhaust all other available options before reaching this stage.

Cracked Tooth FAQs

Woman needing an endodontist in Concord.

Sometimes, a cracked tooth isn’t always obvious, such as after trauma or injury to the mouth. This can result in cracked tooth syndrome. If the condition is the cause of your sharp pain when chewing, you’re sure to have several concerns. There isn’t any reason to worry. Your endodontist in Concord will explain your treatment plan to help ease any apprehensions. In the meantime, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions patients ask us about the fractures.

What is cracked tooth syndrome?

Cracked tooth syndrome characterizes sharp pain that’s experienced when chewing. Although there may not appear to be a cause, there are actually small fractures that can’t be seen by the naked eye or X-rays. In some cases, the breaks can occur below the gum line, making them even more difficult to detect. Without the right treatment, serious complications can occur that might result in the loss of your tooth.

What are the risks of cracked teeth?

Cracked tooth syndrome refers to cracks that haven’t reached the pulp chamber yet. If the tooth isn’t treated, bacteria can enter the inner layer through the crack. This can cause the pulp to become inflamed, resulting in a painful infection. If it turns into an abscess, a root canal will need to be performed by the best endodontist in Concord to save your tooth.

Besides an infection, the overall integrity of the tooth will be compromised. Eventually, it may completely split in two, making it unrepairable. As a result, the only option will be to have it extracted and replaced with a prosthetic, like a dental implant.

What causes cracked tooth syndrome?

Anyone can experience cracked tooth syndrome; however, it’s more common as you age because your teeth naturally weaken over time. In addition to aging, there are several other factors that can cause fractures, such as:

What are the symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome?

Often, patients experienced a sharp pain when pressure is applied to a tooth or a certain area in the mouth, like when biting or chewing. In addition to pain, you might also have some sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures. You might even feel as though the tooth is loose if the crack is severe.

How is cracked tooth syndrome diagnosed?

Since the cracks aren’t always visible by eye or X-rays, your dentist will need to identify the problematic tooth and then perform a test to check for any cracks using a special instrument. After an examination, they’ll create a customized treatment plan.

Where is an endodontist near me for treatment?

Our team at Afton Endodontics is supported by extensive qualifications in rehabilitating damaged teeth. If you suspect a cracked tooth, we can help. Contact our office today for an appointment.

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