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Dental Sedation: Do You Need It to Relax Through a Root Canal?

February 23, 2020

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Dentist holding sedation mask before root canal in ConcordAn infection in your tooth can be debilitating, but your endodontist can stop the pain and keep your smile whole with root canal therapy. Of course, many patients become nervous or afraid when they receive any kind of dental treatment; if you fall under this category, chances are that you’ve considered sedation as a way to get through the process. But do you even need it? Is it really recommended? Learn more about sedation during a root canal in Concord – and why it may not be as necessary as you think!


What Happens During a Root Canal?

Your endodontist will drill a hole in the tooth in order to reach the inflamed or infected pulp. The damaged tissues are removed along with harmful bacteria and the tooth’s nerves (which are no longer necessary for the tooth to survive once it’s fully developed). After the inside of the tooth is cleaned, it can be refilled, and a crown is used to repair it.

Do You Need Sedation to Stay Comfortable During a Root Canal?

Many patients assume that root canal therapy is very painful and that sedation will be the only way to manage the discomfort. But what many don’t realize is that modern root canals actually cause little to no pain to begin with! You’ll receive anesthetics to keep your mouth numb for the entire procedure, and in many cases the effects will even last for a while after the treatment itself is complete. It’s possible that you might feel some pressure during the cleaning, but that’s typically the most you have to worry about.

When is Dental Sedation Recommended?

So when will your endodontist in Concord suggest using dental sedation? Generally speaking, you’ll be given a sedative if you need help staying calm during the root canal itself – in other words, if you have any particularly severe dental anxiety. Sedation is also administered for patients that have special needs or would otherwise have trouble sitting still for the entire process. If you have any concerns about your root canal, you need to talk to your endodontist so that they can decide if dental sedation is appropriate.

What Kind of Sedation Options are There?

Most practices will offer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. When inhaled before the root canal, it will keep you relaxed yet conscious. For more advanced anxieties, oral sedatives might be used instead; you’ll take a pill ahead of time that will make you feel drowsy (though you’ll still be awake to answer questions).

Getting root canal therapy probably won’t be your first choice, but in many cases it’s the only way to save your smile. Fortunately, you’ll have your trusted endodontist to explain the various options that can help you feel at ease!

About Afton Endodontics

At Afton Endodontics, Dr. Gregoy Gell and Dr. Kathryn Watts only see one patient at a time so that they can concentrate on helping you relieve your pain and repair your smile in the most comfortable manner possible. With appropriate forms of sedation and advanced technology such as Gentlewave, they have plenty of ways to keep you at ease during a root canal. To schedule an appointment, visit their website or call (704) 784-4625.

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