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How Long Before I Need Root Canal Therapy in Concord?

May 23, 2019

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Clock and calendarBefore you left on an important business trip, your endodontist told you that you needed root canal therapy. By the time you returned home, however, the pain in your tooth went away. Does this mean you can afford to wait to get treatment? Or is it better to get it out of the way as soon as possible? Here are the factors you need to consider when scheduling your root canal therapy in Concord.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is used when the innermost part of the tooth – soft tissue called pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves – becomes infected. An infection in the pulp can cause severe pain, tooth sensitivity, severe oral tenderness, and a darkened tooth. If untreated, it can lead to tooth loss, and in rare instances it can even be life-threatening.

With root canal therapy, the infected pulp is removed; the inside of the tooth is cleaned and filled with a rubber-like material before being sealed with a crown or filling. This way, not only is the pain relieved, but the source of the problem is taken away before the damage becomes too widespread.

How Long Should I Wait Before Getting Root Canal Therapy?

Sometimes, it may not be convenient to have root canal therapy right away. Maybe you’re leaving town soon and can’t make time to come to the office beforehand. You may be able to get a partial procedure that can lessen the pain. That can help in the short term, but you will need the full procedure eventually. It’s definitely important not to wait too long; you can speak your endodontist to figure out the best timeframe for treatment.

If the pain goes away, don’t assume the problem is solved; if it comes and goes, it could be a sign of a progressing infection, meaning it needs to be addressed soon. Also take note of any pimples on your gum near the root of your tooth. These are pockets of infection and need attention right away.

In some cases there might not be any pain caused by an infection. A few patients have had infected teeth for years without realizing it. But just because there’s no pain, it doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore it. The infection will still spread and cause larger problems elsewhere.

In general, “sooner” is better than “later” when it comes to your teeth. If you’re worried that root canal therapy may be too expensive, keep in mind that if the infection spreads, the resulting oral health problems can be much more costly to deal with. Speak with your endodontist in Concord and figure out the best time for treatment; just remember, ignoring your tooth will never be the answer.

About the Practice

At Afton Endodontics, Drs. Gregory Gell and Kathryn Watts provide high quality treatment for patients in need of root canal therapy and other endodontic treatments. Dr. Gell has 20 years of experience of specialty endodontic care, and Dr. Watts is currently working to obtain Diplomate Status with the American Board of Endodontics. For questions about root canal therapy, visit their website or call (704) 784-4625.

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