Patient Testimonials

One of the best I’ve seen. He talks to you and not around you. He really cares about his patients.

Jennifer G.

The treatment I received was helpful to my general dentist and I can once again have a beautiful smile. You couldn’t have asked for a better dentist. He’s patient, kind and very considerate of his patients.

Michelle Heaggans

He saved my tooth! I really liked Dr. Gell and his staff. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Rebekah Edwards

All dental procedures are expensive but, the whole office visit was better than most. So, that made me want to spend the money there versus somewhere else.


I found Dr. Gell to be professional and honest. I would highly recommend him to others. He is certainly knowledgeable and has a solid background as an endodontist.

Carolyn M. Thompson

Going to a specialist has the latest techniology and support staff. Plus a comfort you feel knowing the doctor’s background. He his very personable and kept the mood light during the procedure…NOT TENSE. He makes you feel relaxed. I already have recommended him!

Dean Wieman

I have a tremendous fear of dental work and had to have a root canal & Dr. Gell was able to help me with sedation. I had an infection problem that required an extra treatment (without the sedation) and Dr. Gell & his staff were so kind and understanding. I highly recommend Dr. Gell and his staff.

Sylvia H.